Science Masterclass

This is an exciting opportunity to carry out experiments in three different specialist subject areas; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. You will take part in three separate 40 minute workshops.

Biology-The Senses

In Biology you will carry out a set of exciting practical investigations to learn more about how your senses work. You will also learn about some of the differences between your senses and those of some other types of animals.

Chemistry-Chemical Detectives

The Chemistry workshop will provide the opportunity to work in one of our laboratories and carry out some chemical tests to identify some mystery chemicals. Who will be able to identify them all correctly?

Physics-Static Electricity

The Physics workshop will involve a series of hands-on activities to experiment with static electricity. You will take part in some hair-raising demonstrations, as well as learning about some of the many uses - and dangers – of static charge.

The event will take place at Old Palace Senior School, Old Palace Road, Croydon, CR0 1AX, 13:00 - 15:00.

Payment for this Masterclass costs £10 and is via WisePay:

Masterclass Payment Here