Hip Hop Workshop
Bringing dance GCSE to life!
1st February 2019

On Tuesday 22nd January, the Dance department was extremely fortunate to welcome Gemma from Boy Blue Entertainment. There were two workshops throughout the day: one for Year 8 & 9 students and the other for GCSE & AS dance students.

We started with some simple hip hop movements to warm us up, including getting familiar with the up and down beats in hip hop. Later on in the session we progressed to more advanced hip hop, as we learnt a section from Emancipation of Expressionism (a dance work studied at GCSE). I was really excited to learn it and I felt very privileged to be taught by Gemma because she was one of the seventeen dancers in the piece. The movement was challenging and extremely fast at times, but it made me work even harder to make sure I had it drilled into my brain.

For the final part of the session, we divided into groups of six to explore the motifs we had learnt. We created our own piece using the material, and shared it with the others at the end. I think I speak for everyone when I say it was such an amazing and beneficial experience.

I am very grateful to have had this opportunity, so thank you to Ms Khan and Mrs Barber for arranging it, and a massive thank you to Gemma for her wonderful hard work teaching us throughout the day. I am looking forward to other dance workshops in the future.

From the teacher:

“I very much enjoyed facilitating the Boy Blue EOE sessions with the dance students at Old Palace. The dancers were incredibly responsive and hardworking and threw themselves into every choreographic and creative task I threw at them!

The quality of their group pieces which incorporated professional repertoire from the EOE stimulus piece as well as freestyle and group choreography elements was astounding, and both students and faculty members should be immensely proud of all whom participated in this professional workshop.

Thank you for having me and I hope to see all of your students working professionally in the future!’

Gemma Hoddy

Boy Blue Entertainment

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