STEM Puzzle Day
Pupils enjoyed a return visit from The Happy Puzzle Company.
18th June 2018


As a precursor for STEM week at Preparatory, we invited the Happy Puzzle Company back to run a Brain Blaster Session for all the girls from Reception to Year 2 and a Coding Box session for Years 3-5.

The girls had to work together and THINK...COMMUNICATE.... and SOLVE!

Reception and Year 1 worked in teams to solve some tricky puzzles. Under timed conditions girls were challenged to complete a tessellation triangular puzzle.

‘Putting the penguins on the pirate ship was really, really tricky because the ship kept wobbling. Then we realised that we had to start putting them on from the middle to make the ship balance! Tami.

The magnetic puzzle was not quite as easy as it looked because the washers were magnetised and did not quite fit together as you might expect.

Annabelle thought that her team was most successful at solving a puzzle when they listened to each other and took turns.

Years 3, 4 and 5 worked in teams on the ‘Coding Box Challenge’. This workshop combined the concept of ‘Escape Room’ with a focus on Mathematics and Coding skills.

The girls had to link together a series of clues which were hidden on the box or in their Mission Pack, to then crack the codes on a series of locks.

‘I think it was interesting because we had to keep on opening boxes until we found what was inside. The boxes were padlocked and we had figure out the code.’  Aarna 4J

‘I enjoyed using the calculator to work out the answers but some of our answers were wrong because we hadn’t included all of the numbers around the box.’  Tia-Amelie 3W

‘The missions were fun, especially the stacking chairs activity.’  Alara 3J

‘The hardest thing was unlocking the first code because we kept using the wrong numbers. We had to add them together.’  Tahlyah 4J

‘It was a fun activity and very challenging. I like a challenge!’ Catherine 3W