Year 6 Trip To Osmington Bay
Songs round the campfire and a zip wire were some of the highlights of this exciting trip.
17th May 2019

On the 3rd of May, Year 6 went on a residential trip to Osmington Bay which is located in Weymouth, Dorset.

Osmington Bay was one of the best trips we have ever been on. To begin with we had a camp fire and we learnt funny songs. Our first activity the next day was the zip wire. We had to climb up these ladders in a tower and the tower shook. Then we got harnessed and went zooming off down a wire.

On the last day we did rock climbing and I got to the top of two walls. It was the most fun. Our last activity was mountain biking which I was not very good at. I fell off many times but got back up again and eventually reached the end of the course. The trip was amazing and I would like to thank Miss McCabe, Miss Trinidad and Mrs Evangeli.

Sanjana, 6J

I really enjoyed Osmington bay. The indoor rock climbing was my personal favourite – particularly watching Mrs Evangeli compete against Ms. Trinidad.

I enjoyed the nerve racking zip wire and the giant swing. At first it was frightening but after I did it I wanted to do it again and again.

Abril, 6W


One of the activities was Buggy Building. I found it creative because you have to work as a team to make a buggy and apparently Group 2 (my group) was the fastest ever group to build a buggy, so I was very proud (of us all).
Another activity was the zip wire. I felt like I couldn’t do it but with a little self-belief and encouragement from everyone in my group, I felt I could. The evening activity was Splash, and it was fun because we got very wet. We went on a coastal walk and we collected pebbles and played some games. After lunch we did mountain biking. It was fun because we went down a massive steep hill.
Next, we did abseiling with our instructors Zoe and George. I think they were the most encouraging people to convince me to do the activity. After dinner, it was time to go home.

Mayowa, 6J

Our first activity that day was a camp fire. We sang many songs and roasted marshmallows, although we weren’t allowed to roast them ourselves so the teachers did it for us. The next day we did many activities such as: zip wire, Jacobs ladder, giant swing, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, buggy building and we did a coastal walk.

I had a wonderful time at Osmington Bay and it was really fun. I would love to go there again.

London, 6W