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Scholarships and Bursaries


Please note that the deadline for registering your interest in applying for a bursary for 2021 has now passed.

A Bursary is an income related fee reduction. The John Whitgift Foundation provides in excess of £5,000,000 of funding for Bursaries annually.  Currently approximately 48% of students receive financial assistance.

The Bursary award may cover up to the entire school fee dependent upon income. A Bursary application can only be made at the point of application for entry into Year 7 and Year 12 by the specified deadline in November of each year. Applications after this date will not be eligible for a bursary.

The John Whitgift Foundation makes available a Bursary fund to support students from low income families as part of its charitable commitment to the community and the education of children.

There is a generous but limited annual budget for Bursaries and Bursaries are awarded on the basis of the performance in the entrance examinations and interviews for those who qualify in terms of their income. Usually parents whose family income is less than approximately £80,000 a year (current figures are available directly from the John Whitgift Foundation) may apply for a bursary.  A Bursary application must be made in advance of the Entrance Examination. Scholarships may be combined with Bursaries.

If you think you may qualify for a bursary, please refer to the John Whitgift website.

Bursary Information

Choral Scholarship (Year 3 entry)

Old Palace provides Minster Choristerships at Year 3 entry to sing both in the Croydon Minster Choir and Preparatory and Senior School choirs. Each Choristership carries a remission of 10% of the school fees and brings with it a substantial commitment to the Minster Choir. The Choristership and Award will continue all the time the holder fulfils all the requirements of the Award, until the end of Year 6.

To find out about what a Croydon Minster Chorister involves, girls are invited to attend the Chorister for the Day event at the Minster on Saturday 20 March 2021 at 1.45pm to 4.30pm. Should a girl wish to audition for a Choral Award it is essential she attends this event. Auditions for the Choral Awards will take place during the school day on Tuesday 23 March 2021.

Please contact the Admissions department for further details.

Scholarships (Year 7 entry)

There are a large number of financial awards carrying substantial remission which are offered to candidates of outstanding merit and potential, regardless of parental means.  These include:

  • The Emily Ayckbowm Scholarship, the highest ranking Academic Scholarship, worth 50% of the school fees
  • The John Whitgift Scholarship, the second highest ranking Academic Scholarship, worth 50% of the school fees
  • Academic Scholarship, worth 25% of the school fees for Year 7 and up to 50% for Year 12
  • Music Scholarship, worth 25% of the school fees.
  • Mathematics Award, worth 18.5% of the school fees
  • English Award, worth 18.5% of the school fees
  • Reasoning Award, worth 18.5%  of the School fees
  • Head’s Award, worth 12.5% of the school fees

All students sitting the January Year 7 entrance test will automatically be considered for an academic scholarship and all awards except for Music. If a candidate is interested in applying for a Music Scholarship or Music Award please  indicate this on the application form.  Once awarded, a Scholarship will remain in place throughout a student’s school career provided she maintains the expected standards. A Year 7 student can receive either an Academic or a Music Scholarship but not both.

Music Scholarships and Music Awards (Year 7 entry)

At the point of application for entry into Year 7, candidates who wish to be considered for a Music Scholarship or Music Award should indicate this on the application form. The application form for music scholarships may be downloaded using the link below, or a copy requested from the Admissions Registrar, and must be returned to the Admissions Registrar by the specified date.

Music Awards are offered to musicians who demonstrate outstanding musical potential on at least one instrument.  Music Awards take the form of a financial award to cover the cost of instrumental tuition on one instrument to the value of the cost of lessons taken in School.  The lessons may be taken within school or with a private tutor.

The Music Scholarship is available to an exceptionally gifted musician and is worth 25% of the school fees.

The same audition process is undertaken for both Music Awards and Music Scholarships. Auditions for Music Scholarships and Music Awards occur early in the spring term. For September 2021 entry, the auditions will be held on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th January 2021.

The School reserves the right not to make awards should a suitable candidate not be forthcoming.

Music Scholarship and Awards Application Form


Candidates must be applying for Year 7 entry at the age of eleven.  A good pass at Grade 4 may be taken as a guide to the standard expected when applying for an audition. The candidate must also demonstrate a strong commitment to and enthusiasm for music in general.  The ability to play a second instrument is desirable but not essential.  Please note that electronic keyboards should not be offered as either the principal or second instrument.  A brief supporting statement from the candidate’s instrumental teacher(s) should be submitted.


Auditions will consist of:

  • Performance of one prepared piece for main instrument (an accompanist can be provided if required). You do not need to notify us of the piece or composer in advance of the audition.
  • Sight reading test
  • Aural tests
  • Performance of prepared piece on second instrument or voice (if applicable)
  • General interview
  • Auditions will be held by the Director of Music and one other member of the Music Team.


Those holding Music Awards or the Music Scholarship will be expected to make a strong contribution to the musical life of the School, involving themselves in choral and orchestral activities as appropriate. An individual termly programme for all Music Award/Scholarship holders is devised, bearing in mind examination commitments, national and/or regional orchestras and the school’s music calendar.  It is expected that the Music Scholar will take Music to at least GCSE level.

Academic Scholarships and Exhibitions (Year 12 entry)

The Sixth Form Scholarship Exam will be held for internal candidates on Friday 13 November 2020, and for external candidates on Saturday 14 November.  The deadline for making an application to sit the Scholarship Exam has now passed, but a small number of scholarships are retained for students who attain an excellent set of GCSE results.  The exam format is a 90 minute general paper to be sat by all candidates applying for an Academic Scholarship or Exhibition

  • Academic Scholarships, worth 50% of the school fees
  • Exhibitions (Art, Dance, Drama, DT: Product Design, Music and Photography), worth 50% of school fees

Sixth Form candidates may apply for Scholarships and/or Exhibitions during Year 11.  Candidates will be required to complete an application form, a personal statement, a written examination and an interview. Parents of external candidates will also be invited to meet the Head. Internal candidates who were awarded a Scholarship at entry in Year 7 will carry this forward into the Sixth Form unless expected standards for GCSE have not been maintained. Candidates may apply for an Academic Scholarship and an Exhibition but can be awarded only one of these. Scholarship offers are conditional upon GCSE results and students meeting subject specific entrance criteria.

A small number of Academic Scholarships are awarded to candidates post-GCSE results.

Exhibitions are awarded for students demonstrating outstanding talents combined with an above average academic record.  Exhibitions are awarded in Art, Dance, Drama, DT, Music and Photography.   Candidates are required to achieve a secure standard in the academic scholarship paper and demonstrate significant talent in an audition or portfolio of work.  Offers are conditional upon GCSE results and students meeting the Old Palace Sixth Form entrance criteria.

For further information please contact our Admissions Registrars.

Sixth Form Exhibition Criteria