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Please join us for a live Q & A with the Head of Old Palace, Mrs Burton, at 5.30pm on Monday, 28 June.
Open Days 2021
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What is the Palace Group?

Old Palace is committed to ensuring each student fulfils their academic potential. We believe that girls thrive when they feel capable, confident and connected to the world around them.

We understand that all students are individuals with their own areas of strength, and as such our teaching is tailored to meet their needs. Students who have been identified as having exceptional academic potential, either at entry or throughout their time at Old Palace are invited to join the Palace Group.

The Palace Group includes:

  • Students who have been awarded Academic or Music Scholarships at 11+
  • Students who have demonstrated exceptional ability in lessons and assessments
  • Students who have been awarded Academic Scholarships or Exhibitions at 16+

The below booklet outlines the specialist provision we provide for our most able students. Please contact our Assistant Head Academic, Ms Hannah Ford if you would like further information.

Download the full Palace Group PDF