Live Q & A

Please join us for a live Q & A with the Head of Old Palace, Mrs Burton, at 5.30pm on Monday, 28 June.
Open Days 2021
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The School Day 

The day starts at 8.30am. Children are taught to be independent. They are encouraged to put on their own socks, tights, shoes, boots and coats and use zips and buttons so that they have the necessary skills ready to start Reception.

Lunch is in the main dining hall and children sit with their teachers and the older children. They collect their own lunch from the counter and carry their special, child-friendly trays to the table where they sit in social groups of six; chatting and eating together. We encourage good manners and kindness from the start. Lunches are prepared each day by our own cooks and cater for a wide range of dietary requirements. Summer Lunch Menu


The day finishes at 3.15pm.

Breakfast Club (including breakfast): 7.30am- 8.30am – £2.50 per day

After School Club: 3.30pm- 6.00pm – £4.00 per hour (additional £2.00 for tea)

Holiday Club: 7.30am-6pm: £42.00 per day