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‘Outstanding’ at Old Palace

‘Outstanding’ rating for Old Palace

Staff of Old Palace Preparatory and Nursery, South Croydon, are celebrating this week after they received a glowing report following inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

The team highlighted the exceptional educational provision for all girls in Reception and all boys and girls in Nursery.

Inspectors reported as follows:

–    The overall quality and standards are outstanding

‘At the end of Reception, profile scores show that most children have exceeded the Early Learning Goals. Children deal confidently with numbers up to 20, adding and subtracting single-digit numbers. Most children are able to read at a level above their chronological age, and they write stories independently using simple sentences’

–    In meeting the needs of the range of children who attend, the provision is outstanding

‘Children respond to the high expectations of the staff as they enthusiastically take part in all activities. Careful staff observations enable individual children’s profiles to be produced, which inform staff and parents about each child’s progress and help to plan the next steps.’

–    Provision for the children‚Äôs well-being is outstanding

‘Children are happy in the setting. They work and play enthusiastically both individually and co-operatively, and achieve high standards of courtesy and behaviour. They listen well, act upon instructions and become increasingly articulate as they talk happily to each other and to adults.’

–    Leadership and management are outstanding

‘Direct, knowledgeable involvement together with plentiful resources, is evidence of the excellent support and oversight provided by the governors, ensuring that children are well cared for in a welcoming and safe environment.’

Each child was found to be happy, well behaved and showed genuine care and respect for each other.

Carol Jewell, Head of Old Palace School of John Whitgift, commented, “We are absolutely delighted by the ISI report. It is a shining testament to the individual and collective work of all staff at Old Palace for Reception and Nursery. Every parent wants to know their child is happy, within an educational environment where they will excel, and be surrounded by dedicated and passionate staff.”