Year 7 Application for September 2021 entry

Please note the deadline for applications, via our on-line form, is Friday 27th November 2020.  The entrance tests will take place at Old Palace Seniors on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th January in small, socially-distanced groups.   The tests will involve English and Mathematics papers, and the CEM reasoning test.

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A letter from our Head Girl

Welcome to Old Palace Sixth Form.

This is where you will be able to begin your journey by specialising in your chosen subjects and developing into an independent, young woman. During your time here, as well as preparing for the next chapter of your life, you will be offered so many opportunities to expand your horizons and guided through your university application with the aid of the Careers department, all whilst still developing your own skills through extracurricular activities.

It must be said…. A levels can be challenging! However, with the support of inspiring teachers and the wealth of resources available to you, this process will be so much easier. We are privileged to have small class sizes, which contribute to the supportive and positive atmosphere where you will be able to reach your full potential and maximise your own personal academic achievements. You will find that you will receive more individual support that will be tailored to your needs, which will inevitably fuel your passion for your chosen subjects in a stress-free environment.

Whilst attending existing clubs and societies is encouraged, you are also encouraged to start your own clubs where you can share your skills and interests and connect with students who are lower down the school. This will allow you to form relationships outside your year group and develop a greater sense of community.

At Old Palace, you are offered many opportunities to take on leadership positions such as House Leader, Year Representative or Subject Prefect; you will always be able to enhance the soft skills of a leader, which are invaluable.

The experience in Sixth Form here at Old Palace is very fulfilling and exciting. You are in a place where you can thrive academically, set personal goals and look towards the future with optimism.

I wish you the best of luck with this next stage of your studies. Grab every opportunity with both hands and make the most of them. Work hard and dream big because anything is possible with hard work, a good work ethic and a growth mind set for positive change.

Demi – Head Girl