“Creativity takes courage” Henri Matisse

The Art Department at Old Palace prides itself on realising the potential of the individual in Art.  Which means, regardless of ability, we work to ensure your daughter is able to gain in artistic confidence and realise her potential by exploring different media.  Old Palace is fortunate enough to offer a comprehensive range of media, allowing your daughter to produce work under different headings, including Fine Art, Graphics, Digital Media, Photography, Three-dimensional Design, Ceramics and Textiles. 

The Art rooms at Old Palace are well equipped with a specific teaching space for Years 6-9, a stand-alone ceramics room that also has the opportunity for students to extend their skills and learn to slump and fuse glass.  On the top floor of the Jubilee Building there are two spacious Art studios and a Photography dark-room.  Both studios are individually well equipped with the means for students to work in a wide range of media.  Equipment includes a flatbed printing press, silk screens, embellishers and sewing machines, specialist paints, photography equipment and industry standard software on the computers. 

The only limitations in Art are imagination and time!