“Creativity takes courage” Henri Matisse

GCSE Art at Old Palace is all about experiencing a range of different media and finding your preferred media of choice, coupled with producing work that is inspired by your own personal interests and insights.  This provides an excellent foundation for the Art we offer at A-Level.  Here, however, we will expect you to be ambitious and to test the boundaries of your chosen media whilst providing you with the new skills you need.  The scale of work can often be larger and  the concepts more challenging as you develop as an independent artist. 

Our students are supported by specialist teachers and present their work at an end of year exhibition which is open to friends and family.  Some students go on to study Art Foundation whilst other might go into unrelated fields but regardless of which degree you choose, Art teaches you the skills to think on your feet, develop manual dexterity and to be a creative thinker. All of which are essential skills in this fast paced and ever changing world.

Art at Old Palace has always focused on developing and responding to the individual's creative talents and this does not change at Sixth Form.  As a result we offer two A-Level options: AS/A-Level Art, Craft and Design and AS/A-Level Photography - both with Pearson Edexcel.  Art is housed is a specialised area which includes a ceramics room, two main studios and a dark room.   Students have the ability to work in a range of media including, Fine Art, Textiles, Print, Sculpture, Photography (wet and dry) and Ceramics.  We do also offer additional media such as film and kiln glass work depending on an individual’s passions and interests.   Recent educational trips include Amsterdam, New York, Leeds and Liverpool. Activities include Artists as life drawing sessions. 

The only limitations in Art are imagination and time!