Please join us for a live Q & A with our Head of Prep, Mrs Nike: Thursday, 11 March at 9:30am.  

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Aims and Ethos

Learning is at the heart of our School.

We aim to equip learners with the confidence, skills and knowledge needed to lead independent, successful and happy lives in an ever-changing world.

Students today need more than knowledge and skills

Parents know that there is a requirement for their daughters to take greater responsibility for their own learning, both in school and beyond. This will prepare them for a future where they will need to shape their own career. The ability to take initiative and shoulder responsibility is key to their future success as members of society and creates a foundation for personal fulfilment.

Students need a broad range of skills to be effective in tomorrow’s World of Work

We know that our unique single sex setting is able to promote self confidence, uninhibited enquiry, intellectual rigour and genuine challenge so that girls are best-placed to take advantage of life in the 21st century world. Old Palace believes in encouraging students to take risk in a managed way, free from judgement.

We believe in encouraging cooperation as distinct from competition for its own sake. We promote leadership skills that foster responsibility and service rather than status and power. We know that these skills mirror the requirements of abstract reasoning, problem solving, communication and collaboration demanded by today’s employers.

We are committed to:

  • providing a safe, stimulating and caring environment where each individual is empowered to gain a strong sense of self-worth and purpose through recognition of their own talents and abilities as well as their contribution to the
  • placing the needs of the individual at the heart of our commitment to achieve the highest standards of learning and teaching, through extending individual aspirations and developing self-confidence, a love of scholarship and independence of thought
  • providing a creative, stimulating and challenging curriculum that inspires and equips all to become independent life-long learners in a local, national and global community
  • celebrating diversity and individuality within a culture of praise and encouragement that promotes well-being, happiness and success
  • developing, throughout the community, supportive and constructive relationships based on mutual respect and understanding, upholding the values and Christian ideals of our Founders
  • working in partnership with all members of the community to promote clear and consistent expectations of behaviour needed to foster learning for all, self-discipline and a sense of personal responsibility.

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