All Girls’ Education

What are the benefits of an all-girls education?

In the all-girls’ environment at Old Palace, our students:

  • Learn an instinctive, fundamental confidence that has nothing to do with their gender and develop a ‘can-do’ philosophy
  • Assume that their opinions and ideas are of interest and do not expect that this is considered unusual, unfeminine or admirable because they are ‘only’ girls
  • Take themselves seriously in the best possible way
  • Are not taught to ‘play nicely’ because they are girls
  • Do not face unspoken prejudices about subject choices and never assume they will be less talented at ‘male’ subjects like Maths and Physics
  • Do not defer to male opinion within a classroom because it is more loudly expressed
  • Hold all the student leadership positions in a school and are never marginalized
  • Are protected from the harmful influence of sexual harassment
  • Learn the values of genuine equality and their dreams and ambitions are not limited by subconscious expectations and women and structures