The vast majority of our students leave at the end of Year 13 to attend university, Art and Music College or take a gap year. Preparation for higher education is vital and Old Palace provides an extensive service, tailored to each individual student. 

Throughout Year 12 all subject areas provide additional support, where necessary, for students who are considering applying for competitive courses or courses which have additional entrance requirements or interviews. These courses include Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science and courses at Oxford and Cambridge. 

The range of higher education establishments that students from Old Palace attend is both varied and extensive. The school prides itself on giving fair and impartial advice, taking due note of a student’s abilities and aspirations. Each year places are gained at Oxford, Cambridge, the Russell Group Universities and many other top institutions around the country. 

We have a team of dedicated experts: Head of Careers and UCAS co-ordinator, who help, guide and support students through their UCAS application

YearTermHigher education and Careers activities
11SummerAdvice provided to students following the publication of GCSE Results. Choices of AS courses with relation to ability and future aspirations are explored.
12AutumnStudents are provided with subject specific advice during enrolment day at the start of the Autumn term. 

Students are encouraged to arrange interviews with the Higher Education Team to discuss aspirations, university choices and requirements. Presentations are made on preparation for university life and meeting university entrance requirements.
12SpringVisits are arranged to both Oxford and Cambridge universities through our link colleges

12SummerUCAS evening: After the AS examination period a series of presentations are made to students and parents to ensure they are fully aware of the details and process for Higher Education applications.

Students will explore aspects of university life e.g. living away from home or financing education. A subject related interview is organised for each student using recent alumnae.

A visit to Sussex University takes place where presentations are given on the application process and tours of the campus are arranged to provide students with an idea of life at university
12SummerFollowing the publication of AS results students and parents are given the opportunity to make appointments with members of the Higher Education Team, prior to the start of the new term, to discuss the results achieved and to see how they meet university and college requirements. Further advice is provided by the Subject Leaders during enrolment day.
13AutumnStudents and parents are again encouraged to make individual appointments with members of the Higher Education Team to discuss any issues relating to university and college entrance. The Examinations Officer is available to discuss any additional requirements and to make entries for those examinations which are held on the school site. Individual support is provided to all students in helping to complete application forms. Departments arrange workshop style activities to prepare students for supplementary examinations. Interview practice is arranged for all students where this is a requirement for a particular university choice. These can take the form of a subject specific interview, using external specialists, or a more general interview. Students may request additional interviews from subject staff if felt to be beneficial. Support and guidance are provided to all students who are applying for courses in Music or Art at Conservatoires and Art Colleges. This may take the form of rehearsals and auditions and the preparation of portfolios.
13SpringIndividual support is given to assist students in making their final choices from offers received. In addition, advice is given on completing finance applications and other financial support which may be available.
13SummerThe Higher Education Team is available to any student who requires last minute advice on choices or change of choices. Continuous support is available until any issues which have arisen as a result of final grades achieved are resolved.