If you are a current parent / staff member of the School, please click the button below to pay through WisePay for lunches, trips, printing credits, swipe cards etc.

Pay through WisePay

Masterclasses/Registration Fees/PTA EVENTS

If you are not a current parent, or you are a current parent wishing to book for Masterclasses and/or pay a Registration Fee, please click the button below to pay through WisePay.

Pay through WisePay

Useful Information for creating a new account:

Although parents of current students can pay for lunches and school trips using Wisepay, we also have a separate Wisepay system used to book things that are available to people outside the school such as Masterclasses, Alumnae events etc. If you wish to book one of these, you will need to create a Wisepay account, and (if you are a current parent) we advise using a different email account so as not confuse with your parental account. Items and events on the external Wisepay will not be available on the parental Wisepay system.

If you wish to create a new account for external wisepay,

• click the “Create a WisePay account” button on the school website

• choose the second option for masterclasses/PTA Events

• Click the “create an account” link and complete the form

• Then login and purchase the item as normal

• Keep the username and password safe for the next time you want to book something.

Create a WisePay account

If you have any queries regarding your WisePay login, please email schooloffice@oldpalace.croydon.sch.uk.