A & B teams show fortitude against Riddlesdown!

The Year 7 A & B teams played Riddlesdown in the pouring rain after school on Thursday!

We got VERY WET!

The players did well and after the first quarter of adjusting to the weather, both A and B teams were 0 – 0.

In the A Team Riddlesdown made some changes which put them ahead of the game and they also had some strong experienced players. We kept going but the final score was a very wet 2 – 8. Kemafo was named Player of the Match.

Squad: Gracie-Mae, Harmony, Tianna, Ellie, Isabella, Nega, Kemafo

The B team also played well. Mistakes were made by both teams but the Old Palace attack managed to stay ahead, losing their opponents and going on to win the match 3 – 0. Fanila was named Player of the Match.

Squad: Chloe, Akshita, Fanila, Anaaya, Zara, Erin, Savannah and Rishita.


Photo taken back in SHAH foyer – we were drenched!