In our Learning for Life lesson, we learnt all about bullying and the effect that it has, not just on the person it is happening to, but on all their family members.

Bullying is when someone, or a group of people, continuously, purposely affect someone’s emotionally intelligence and/or mental health. When bullying takes place this causes the victim to have a low self-esteem, because the bully will have made hurtful comments.

A speaker came in to tell us about “Amber’s story”, and about how she decided to end her life because of bullying. It also affected her parents and sister negatively. The words that I remember very well was when the speaker said “Bullies are unpredictable”. When the speaker said this, she said it meant that you can not look at someone and tell what they are going to be bullied for, because it is only the bully who knows what the trigger is that makes them want to bully that person. Bullies are cowards who do not want to face the problems or insecurities they would be facing in their own lives.

Vaonaishe, Year 7