Boy Blue Dance Workshop Year 9

On Tuesday 12th of November, a group of 18 Year 9 students had the opportunity to take part in a dance workshop in the dance studio with Bruno Perrier, from Boy Blue Entertainment. We looked at the different parts of Emancipation of
Expressionism: Genesis, Growth, Flow and Connection and Empowerment. We learnt a lot about the piece and some of the company’s signature movements such as the ‘Ninja run’, ‘Ninja Glide’ and the ‘Ninja static’. We learnt more about the movements and that there is more to just running on the spot. We also learnt the story behind some sections of the dance, for example, the first section ‘Genesis’ was about the birth of Boy Blue Entertainment and the uniqueness of each dancer as they each have a small solo in different styles. I really enjoyed the workshop, I loved learning new things such as the B-points and the Rubik’s cube formation and I hope there are more opportunities like this next year.
Nissi, Year 9
I was very grateful to have the opportunity to work with a choreographer and
dancer from Boy Blue who also performed in Emancipation of Expressionism, which is a dance that we are working on in class. The piece is about free movement and expressionism of the art and I learned a lot of techniques they used in the dance. One of the choreographic ideas was the rubix cube, which you moved around in, a few people at a time, but always left one space as if someone else was in that space.
Mary, Year 9