Creative Solutions to Climate Change

This month, Nursery & Pre School have been involved in Developing Student Creativity (a whole school initiative) by looking at creative solutions to the Climate Change crisis.

Nursery and Pre School children have been particularly good at this! They have focused on looking at specific environments; showing concern for living things and the diversity of the Rainforest and Oceans. Parents have helped collect materials for recycling and craft activities in the rooms which resulted in a lot of enthusiasm for sorting the recycled materials into paper, plastic and metal collections, before using them to make all sorts of creatures and displays.

In the Pre School, children spent a week exploring media and materials by painting and assembling two very large giraffes that now stand in the cloakroom looking down on the recycling bags. Transition learnt about the characteristics of materials by creating a ‘commotion in our ocean’ display board complete with fish made of plastic and a tin can crab. Meanwhile, the Toddlers had fun learning about the oceans, using bubble wrap to make a large octopus and sea weed and even the babies had a go, making footprint butterflies and spiders for their ‘monkey puzzle’ board.

We also had a visit from Croydon Libraries, children were treated to some captivating storytelling and were all encouraged to apply for library cards and visit their local library. Finally everyone had a go at making and tasting pancakes, using all their senses children learnt about combining ingredients and using utensils.