Economic Students Enjoy Talk by OPA Stefani Williams

Stefani Williams, a former pupil of Old Palace, visited our Year 12 Economists to talk about pursuing a career in the Finance sector, particularly for women. She discussed how studying A Level Economics inspired her to complete a degree in the subject, and that even today Economics is still a very male dominated degree, with only 25% of Economics university students being female.

She then spoke about how this led her to a career in finance. Stefani is a chartered financial planner at Holden & Partners, which involves working with clients to manage their wealth and plan for their future (e.g., retirement planning or tax-efficient investing). She spoke about how connecting with her clients on a personal basis and promoting sustainable and ethical investment were some of her favourite aspects of her job.

Overall, Stefani’s talk was very informative and thought-provoking, especially when she encouraged us to feel empowered rather than intimidated when entering a male-dominated setting at any point during our future career. She also motivated more of our Economics class to consider a potential career in finance, so I think I can speak on behalf of my class when I say it was a very enjoyable and useful talk.

Albertina – Year 12