English Schools Water Polo Championships

Tuesday saw the start of the annual English Schools Water Polo Championships. The Under 18 age group were the first tournament to be played this year. Our round comprised of some of the best teams in the country; Alleyns being current national champions and Trinity past champions.

Old Palace fielded a varied age group team of nine, where other schools like Trinity, Alleyns, Queen Elizabeth and Colfe’s were able to compete playing only Sixth Form students and with full teams of thirteen players.

Only seven players are ever in the water at one time which meant we only had two substitutes to play. Old Palace were triumphant in their game against Queen Elizabeth’s, Faversham, winning 6-3. Our other three matches were challenging and we unfortunately lost; however, Old Palace players showed grit and determination and performed extremely well.

Congratulations to Bella and Elina (Year 8), Isobel and Anastasia (Year 9), Beatrice (Year 10), Rosemary, Grace and Feran (Year 11) and Zino (Year 12).