House Water Polo

Wednesday saw the return of the exciting annual House Water Polo event. Stafford and Laud both sported strong full teams, with Hatton and Anselm joining forces to become Hattselm for the day! The games were fiercely competitive and fast moving. In the first game, Hattselm against Laud, Laud romped into an early lead in the first half with magnificent play by older players Beatrice (Captain), Feran, Imogen and Inaaya H. With the change of ends at half time, Hattselms Captain Bella was denied the chance of scoring on several occasions by strong defending and goalkeeping by the Laud players. Laud continued scoring, winning by an impressive 8-0.

Laud then had a very strongly contested game against Stafford. Stafford Captain, Anastasia, played exceptional well, supported by a very young team of players, many from Year 7. Kemafo played courageously in goal for Stafford, saving some extremely hard hitting Laud shots. Tianna and Ellie appeared in the mix all over the pool covering lots of distance. Laud just scraped through with a last minute goal winning 3-2.

The final game was Stafford against the newly amalgamated Hattselm, who somehow had persuaded Year 11 Feran to change her purple loyalties to green and yellow! This game was also very closely contested with Hattselm squeezing a third goal in the dying seconds of the game to win 3-2.

Laud finished on top of the podium overall, triumphant winners having won both their games.

Well done to everyone who took part! Thank you to Mrs Fowler for scoring, Miss Richards, House Leaders and supporters for cheering their Houses on.