Inline Skating Through the Power of Growth Mindset

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a visit from the BMX Academy, who conducted an inline skating workshop for the children. Many of them had never worn roller blades before, but thanks to Danny’s encouragement and humor, they were all eager to give it a try. In no time, all the girls had put on their roller blades, along with helmets, hand, knee, and elbow guards, and were excited to start skating. Danny, our amazing instructor, motivated the girls throughout the session. By the end, every single girl could move across the playground, start, stop, and change directions. Some even managed to jump, spin around, and skate on one foot.

We also had an exhilarating assembly for the entire school, where Danny performed some breath-taking jumps from his platform, eliciting delighted squeals from the children. It was truly a memorable experience for everyone involved!

Big shout out to Danny Aldridge!