National Poetry Day

Today we are encouraging our students to take part in National Poetry Day. Thanks to our DT department for the thought-provoking poem below entitled: Impact of Technology.

The Impact of Technology

Have you ever thought of what would happen if the power was turned off?
If miraculously all of the energy in the world dissipated to nothingness?
Our technologically ingrained society would be bored to tears.
Our computer infested nation would tremble with fear.
Just think about it.

Our hospitals now run everything electronically.
Statisticians run algorithms through computers.
Security systems are based on the usage of electricity.
Nearly 10% of the entire world now use Facebook.
How many people out there still write their own receipts?
How many people do their banking and taxes online?
How many people utilize ATM’s every single day?
Coffee Machines, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Dishwashers,
Every day appliances would just stop working.
The amount of hubbub would be infinitesimal,
The apprehension so tremendous,
The severity of flipping that switch would be unbelievable.

This vicissitude would create opportunity to appreciate what most take for granted.
Research for example is now extraordinarily elementary.
Not so long ago, someone could spend hours in the library, scanning for one quote.
Brains would saturate in information before they found what they were looking for.
Half a day could be wasted away on searching for a few measly sentences.
Now, that same person can push a button,
Wait five minutes at most,
Type a few words and there it is;
A vast quantity of aphorisms at anyone’s fingertips.
Just imagine if that were gone.

Microsoft, which energy enables to survive,
Has produced the richest man alive.
The entertainment enterprise would be in shambles.
Verizon, AT&T, Sony, Time Warner Cable,
Google, Dell, Apple, even NASA,
These multibillion dollar corporations would cease to exist.
Businesses we thought essential to live
Will shrivel and languish,
Will wither and perish.
The ensuing despondency would be the greatest pandemic in history.
Can anyone fathom this type of devastation?


Unknown author