OP Combined Cadet Force – news!

Last term, Old Palace was delighted to launch the School’s first Combined Cadet Force – hosted each week during term time at Whitgift School.

Students in Year 9 and above are now eligible to join this voluntary activity as part of the RAF contingent, and are delighted to be wearing their smart, new, blue uniform.  Recently, they were informed that a general inspection would be taking place in April/May to assess the skills they had learnt so far, so the last few weeks have been devoted to thoroughly preparing and exploring in depth the three main aspects of the RAF; namely, weapons handling, radio communication and runways.

Shazia, in Year 9, says: “This term’s work has been highly enjoyable for both my peers and I. CCF has given us an insight into the work of the RAF and that it’s not all about flying planes and shooting guns – but it also involves a lot of theory to do the job well.”