OP Excels in Chemistry Competition

  • We were privileged enough to take part in the Top of the Bench Chemistry competition. The competition had two aspects to it, practical and theoretical. In the practical we, as Year 9, made copper sulphate from copper hydroxide and sulphuric acid.
  • Avani in Year 10 had some unknown solutions and was asked to do various experiments to identify them, as well as displacing copper from its solution using zinc. Arabella in Year 11, had the task of measuring exact volumes using a burette and to measure the temperature given out at regular intervals during a neutralisation reaction. In the theory section, we had to think outside the box to answer the questions which was a fun challenge to take part in. Our team of: Arabella (Year 11), Avani (Year 10), Shreya (Year 9) and Parvati (Year 9) came 6th out of 60 schools.  Mrs Marren congratulated us on our superb efforts and presented us with achievement certificates. The competition was a pleasure to take part in and we would like the opportunity to enter more in the future.