Year 7 Students Enjoy OPA Associate Alumnae Afternoon

On Friday, we held the annual OPA Associate Alumnae Afternoon for Year 7 pupils. This is a long-established tradition at Old Palace which involves members of our alumnae kindly giving up their time to come and talk to the students about memories of their time at Old Palace.

The girls heard some fascinating stories about the old brown uniform: having to walk into town to the old swimming pool and how cold the school was in winter! But perhaps the most important story from our alumnae was about the friendships they made at Old Palace; how they were so important in later life and that they were definitely something to cherish.

Thank you so much to Hilary, Tania, Jan and Feyi for coming to talk to us and also to our Chair of the OPA, Katherine, for organising it.  The students really enjoyed themselves, helped along by muffins and the gift of a beautiful Michaelmas daisy badge.