Pre School: Chessington World of Adventure

Pre School enjoyed a fantastic trip to Chessington World of Adventures which concluded last half term’s topic ‘Animal Safari’.

The first stop was Zufari, Ride into Africa! The girls climbed on board a safari truck and set off to see wonderful African animals such as the White Rhino, giraffes and zebras who were having their morning feed. There were many other animals in the Wanyama village; the spider monkeys were fantastic at swinging through the ropes and the Meercats were very friendly and came right up to greet them. After a picnic lunch, we headed off to see the Trail of the Kings where the girls spotted the lions having a sleep. The sealions were showing off diving and swimming on their backs and there was a baby sealion pup too!

The girls enjoyed a Super Senses workshop in the Learning Centre where they discovered how animals communicate using different sounds, why they are all different shapes and sizes and how different they feel. They also found out that some are very smelly and they all have different taste in foods, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.