Pre School Enjoy A Wild and Windy Welly Walk

Pre School enjoyed a wild and windy welly walk to Lloyd park to find out more about natural phenomena. The weather was particularly windy which was ideal and very exciting as they had windmills, streamers and windsocks to test out!

They held streamers up as high as they could and noticed that they all blew in one direction. Staff let the windsock out on a long string and it also flew the same way; some of them commented that it was like a kite. Using windmills they noticed that they could make them spin very fast if they faced them into the wind and stop them if they turned them around!

There were also muddy puddles to splash in and the park equipment to explore where they could slide, swing and climb. Back in the classroom, they were encouraged to express their ideas and feelings about their experience using full sentences. They also enjoyed freely accessing the wind resources.