Pre School & Reception’s Dangerous Dinosaurs!

Pre School and Reception girls have really enjoyed this half term’s topic of Dangerous Dinosaurs; the craft department has been especially busy! Girls not only made their own individual distinctive dinosaur models, but as an extra challenge they worked together to create a large model Stegosaurus in the garden. This task created a few problems which needed to be solved.

We wondered what resources would be good to make the legs? They took a while to assemble and attach as they were made from boxes that had to be joined (trying different arrangements until they were all the same height). The feet were flat and scaly.

How would we attach the tail? This was a difficult job as taping it to the main body box was unsuccessful, but staff demonstrated cutting a hole in the body and the girls pushed the tail in. We found lots of extra tape made it stronger.

 What colours should we use? Girls chose green and brown which was mixed with water in spray bottles. They all took turns spraying the dinosaur before deciding that the teeth and horns needed to be white. These were then painted and attached with glue. The topic has been a great success with girls showing enthusiasm and interest in the extraordinary facts of the prehistoric era.