Pre School Visits Godstone Farm

On Monday, Pre School pupils headed for the Surrey Hills and the beautiful Godstone Farm.

Following an introduction to the animals by the Farm Leader, the children met a Guinea Pig called Crunchy, a Rabbit called Sven, a 100 year-old tortoise and a very pretty chicken called Violet.


Spring lambing has come early to Godstone Farm and there are already lots of lambs! We noticed that they all had numbers on their backs that matched their mummy; we tried to match the babies with the right mummies.


The pigs were our next visit and with a shake of the bucket of pig nuts they heard us coming! They were very big indeed and snorted a lot. We fed them all; there were even some piglets!


After lunch, we set off to feed the goats and check out some signs of spring, it wasn’t long before we saw daffodils and crocus. We fed the goats and enjoyed watching the pig wading through deep mud and the donkey having a roll in the dirt.

We were very lucky to be out on such a beautiful spring day and we wanted to stay forever!