Pre School Visits Hever Castle

On Friday, 13th May Pre School enjoyed a very exciting day out at Hever Castle in Kent.

We set off bright and early in the school’s mini buses. We really enjoyed the journey though the lovely countryside. We spotted lots of lambs which was very exciting.

We arrived at Hever castle and were impressed to see it had a moat, a portcullis and a drawbridge. We noticed it had a flag too! The staff were very friendly and helpful as, armed with our worksheets, we set off to find some of the things we had heard about in class.

It wasn’t long before we found a suit of armour. We tried to imagine how anybody would be able to move, see or even speak whilst wearing it; we all thought it would certainly be very hot and heavy.

We walked through a huge dining room, a Long Gallery (just like our own one at Seniors) and a library. We saw the schoolroom where Anne Boleyn learnt to count on an abacus, then climbed a stone spiral staircase to see the King’s bedroom. There was a fourposter bed which had a roof; we learnt that this was to protect the King from spiders and creepy crawlies. There were even curtains to pull around the bed to keep the King warm. A guide showed us a very interesting bed warmer which the King’s servant filled with hot coals to warm the sheets (without burning them).

We saw a long sword and a beautiful dress decorated with jewels which had been worn by the Queen. Once outside the castle, we had to find our way out of the yew maze before heading for a picnic lunch on the lawns. Finally, we had tremendous fun in the castle playground on the enormous slide, but we still don’t know if dragons exist?

Mrs Berry writes: A visitor in the castle stopped me to ask which school the children came from. She said ‘I can’t believe how well-behaved your pupils are’. I was so proud!