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Reception – Year 5

It is in Reception that the foundation of each girl’s future academic success is laid. Pupils are taught in small classes by their own class teacher, supported by a Learning Assistant. As girls enter Key Stage I, their curiosity and enthusiasm continue to grow. Our engaging curriculum enables each girl to thrive as we continue to nurture their love of learning. This truly bespoke approach within a caring and happy environment excites and challenges every learner.

Staff working within this stage plan for and provide activities and opportunities that will allow pupils to reach their potential in each of the three core areas: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language.

Similar provision is made to maximise progress in each of the four specific areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design. Specialist teachers introduce students to Modern Foreign Languages in the Reception Year through the ’MFL Experience’ course. Pupils enjoy weekly swimming lessons at the Senior School which continue throughout their time at Preparatory.

“Children in Nursery and Reception demonstrate that they enjoy initiating their own activities using the outdoor environment”ISI Report 2016

Key Stage 1 – Year 1-2

Old Palace uses the National Curriculum content as a basis for programmes of study at Key Stage 1 and includes a range of practical and investigational activities.  Pupils study Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities, RS, Art, Music, DT, PE and Dance.

The curriculum is enhanced by the inclusion of French, swimming and the whole school Learning for Life programme. From Year 2 pupils also study Logic and Reasoning.  The curriculum is flexible in order to create conditions which motivate all girls to make sustained progress and which promote creativity, whilst working within a common framework.

Prospective families are always surprised to discover that we have a modern, 25m swimming pool tucked away behind the Senior School. Here, every pupil from Reception upwards, enjoys regular weekly swimming lessons as part of the curriculum.

Key Stage 2 – Year 3-5

As with Key Stage 1, we use the National Curriculum as a basis for our programmes of study in Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, RS, Computing, Music, DT, Drama, PE, Dance, French, ‘Learning for Life’ and Art.

Pupils continue the course on Logic and Reasoning to support applications to selective schools.  Continued flexibility within the curriculum creates conditions which promote progress, creativity and increasing independence.


Reception – Year 2

Sport plays a crucial part in our curriculum. Foundation PE from Reception to Year 2 focuses on the ABC of sport matrix. This centres on Agility, Balance and Co-ordination. Pupils learn the FUNdamental skills that are generic to different sporting activities and the social skills associated with them. Pupils are taught to remember, repeat and rehearse movement to work alone and with others and all to enjoy what they do.

This will all be covered in a variety of sporting activities including Gymnastics, Multi skills, Summer Games, Athletic Activities, Dance, and Swimming.  All pupils have weekly Swimming, Dance and Physical Education lessons.

Year 3 – Year 5

At Old Palace, from Year 3 onwards, pupils are introduced to the recognised versions of specific sports including using rules and tactical play. They are involved in the traditional major games as well as less conventional activities in order to build their skills and self-confidence.  In the winter term pupils will take part in Cross Country and Gymnastics.  As we move into the spring term the focus moves toward Netball and other Games. We field teams from Year 4 upwards and play competitive netball matches against other local schools

During the summer term, pupils enjoy Rounders and Athletics.  There are also opportunities for Football and Tennis. All pupils are given the opportunity and involved in competitive situations such as matches and tournaments or inter-house activities. Pupils develop their physical self-confidence by involvement in a range of activities.

Our activities change in the Winter and Summer Term.


  • Netball
  • Gymnastics
  • Cross Country
  • Dance
  • Swimming


  • Rounders
  • Athletics
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Dance