Seniors Stages Autumn Concert at Croydon Minster

The Autumn Concert on Monday was a wonderful showcase of the many talented musicians here at Old Palace.

From the Year 7 mega choir who wowed the audience with their highly professional performance of ‘Everything’, to the jazz band who impressed the entire minster with their artful improvisation skills, there was an eclectic mix of music, and something for everyone. Audience members could even be heard singing along to Senior Choir’s ABBA medley, which was an iconic way to end a joyous night.

Each and every student has worked tirelessly this past term, and were very eager to finally perform the pieces they have been working on. There was a very obvious spirit of collaboration and supportiveness amongst the body of students that the music department fosters, and students from year seven all the way to year thirteen could be seen performing together in orchestras and choirs.

Thank you to the music department for organising such a wonderful night, and thank you staff and parents for your continued support of music at Old Palace.