Sister Act – The Musical

On 25th April, Old Palace students went to see ‘Sister Act The Musical’ at the Dominion Theatre.  The anticipation for the trip was very high as many of the students were involved in the school’s February production – and the show did not disappoint! With Beverley Knight’s powerful voice and Clive Rowe’s ‘Steady Eddie’ characterisation, we were taken on a comedic and heartfelt journey. From the show-stopping musical numbers to the palpable energy of the ensemble, we were swept up in the infectious vibrancy and rhythm.

It was especially nice to see many of the Old Palace cast members inspired enough to reenact their character’s scenes in the interval. The coach journey back was also filled student sing alongs of all the ‘Sister Act’ numbers. The message of sisterhood was felt by all. Students also enjoyed seeing a production they so worked hard to put on, brought to life by professionals. We hope the students had a fantastic time and that they will continue to visit the theatre in the future!