Sumaiya Participates in English-Speaking Union Debate

Sumaiya Takes Part in English-Speaking Union Debate

On Tuesday 28th February, I spoke at Dartmouth House in Mayfair at an English-Speaking Union debate on the motion ‘This House Believes the COP Process will Fail’. In the format of Mace style debating, I was the summary speaker for the opposition team, making the case for why the motion was wrong.

Both teams were made up of speakers with a plethora of experience and professional backgrounds in industries that are helping to assess and mitigate the effects of Climate change. The line-up consisted of Karen McClellan, Caroline Russell (fellow opposition members) and Illana Adamson, Casper Rawles and Abhijith Subramanian (the proposition). It was an exhilarating event for me, the live audience and those watching online.

This opportunity was made possible because of my role on the London Speech & Debate Committee and the charitable mission of the English-Speaking Union. Sumaiya B Y11