Tahalia is a Visa Ball Kid at UEFA Women’s Euro 2022

We are extremely proud of Tahalia in Year 10, who was an official @visauk ball kid at the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022™. Here is an account of her experience of being a ball kid at the Manchester game.

“I had a great time in Manchester; they paid for our travel and accommodation, we had chauffeurs and security and we stayed in a 5 star hotel.

When I arrived, I got introduced to the other ball kids and we played a fun game to break the ice called ‘the sausage and the pan’ and if you won you got a mini football, which I did because I am very competitive. Then we met Karen Carney who is an ex footballer. We took pictures and she also played our icebreaker games. Then we got a coach to the stadium and we were there nearly five hours before kickoff.

We got told after the game that we did very well and we were very efficient.  It was also good that England got the win. The atmosphere was electric. Then we got on the coach with our parents and realised that we were quite hungry so we got something to eat; it was midnight before we got back to the hotel!

After that we got invited to the England v Northern Ireland match in Southampton. I had a great time and the atmosphere was brilliant; every time England scored a goal the crowd were up on their feet.

Three of us were chosen to do the video shoot out of 36 ball kids. I have had more than 200 thousand views on twitter and have been asked to do some more advertising and interviews. It is all very exciting”. Tahalia


What a fabulous opportunity Tahalia had! She is a real ambassador for women’s sport and football in particular. As part of her experience, Tahalia was asked to be part of some promotional films – you can watch them by posting these links into instagram: