Tahalia and Bethany selected for Independent School’s FA U16 team

This year, Tahalia and I were selected to be a part of the Independent School’s FA U16’s representative team (ISFA) and together attended a couple of trials. ISFA is a team where the best girls from Independent schools in England are selected to be in a team. Being a part of this team gives me many opportunities as I get to play alongside the best players in the independent sector from across the country, as well as represent both my school and ISFA within our National girls’ representative team.  This December, I will be attending an upcoming camp at St George’s Park where the England train! During the October half term, I attended an ISFA camp in Cambridge where we played a team called Cambridge City. It was a very tough match but we managed to win 3-0. The next day we played the U18’s ISFA team where we picked up an unlucky result of 1-0. We dominated them for most of the game but we were unlucky not to score any goals. This match ended a very enjoyable camp.

Having attended three of the trials, Talia also made it into the reserves for this camp and was told she would be considered for future camps and selection for games for this season. I hope to be able to play alongside her during the Season.

Bethany – Year 11