The Lessons in Financial Education Award

Year 8 students were given the opportunity to take part in a new Financial Education qualification offered by the London Institute of Banking and Finance. The Lessons in Financial Education Award (LIFE) is designed to give students real life, engaging ways to develop financial awareness.

The students involved were able to develop as independent learners, better understand the different ways to save, spend and borrow money, and the need to budget and store money safely. Activities were completed in accordance with internal deadlines, while progress was closely monitored. Students who took part in the course overwhelming agreed that they felt better prepared for making financial decisions in the future, and had a better understanding of financial literacy.

Below are examples of student’s view of the course:

Whilst in Year 8 I was able to participate in the LIFE course and I found it to be extremely beneficial and informative. It was an eight part course and each part focused on a different section of finance. The course itself was sometimes done independently and because the resources were electronic I was able to fit in the activities around my own schedule. I started the LIFE course thinking I already had a good knowledge of finance but I finished the course feeling a lot more confident about making financial choices, and understanding some more money related terms. The course was explanatory, educational and fun to complete I am glad that I participated in this course.


Whilst completing the LIFE course we were able to learn about different accounts in the bank, budgets, denominations of currency and other useful skills we may encounter in our adulthood. The course was completed on computer which was helpful because we could do extra activities in our own time. Each stage was based on a different topic, and within the stage we had interesting videos we could watch before answering questions. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in finance.