The Youth Sport Trust

We were delighted to welcome The Youth Sport Trust into school on Monday afternoon. Old Palace was chosen as a venue to record some promotional videos reflecting the work that we do in getting girls involved in coaching through the Sports Leaders programme.

 Sarah and Hosanna have both previously worked with the YST during a leadership camp at Loughborough University; more recently Hosanna went to America as part of the same scheme. Year 6 were perfect role models for the school and thoroughly enjoyed being coached by the leaders from our school community and some from local schools involved in the same programme.

A mixture of sessions were planned, including Netball, rugby passing and team building activities. At the end of the day, the leaders and a selection of participants were interviewed and asked their opinion on the benefits of being taught by a Sports Leader and what they enjoyed about the sessions. The Sports Leaders were able to reflect on what they had learnt from leading and why they think it is so beneficial. This was a really exciting opportunity to showcase some of our leaders in action and we look forward to seeing the final edit of the videos.