U12 A & B Netball Team

The U12A+B Netball teams played against Caterham on Tuesday evening. They all did really well and were brilliant ambassadors for the school. They played in the spirit of sportsmanship and were very polite as guests at Caterham.

 The opponents were TALL ‚Äì particularly in the A Team match. This made it incredibly hard to stop the ball getting into the Caterham shooting circle and so Caterham did have the upper hand throughout the game. However, we did display huge amounts of perseverance and the ball flowed with increasing confidence into our attacking circle. We now need to work on the accuracy of our shooting against tall defenders. The spacing down the court improved throughout the match and this was one of our targets.

The B Team match was very close. We lost by just one goal. There were some really good defensive interceptions with players anticipating play really well. Footwork was so much better. Slowing down and making good decisions is an area still to be developed.

Well done to those who played a number of different positions. They coped with playing part of the match in the A Team and part in the B Team (and vice versa).