UK Power Network Delivers Safety Workshops at Prep

On Tuesday, pupils in Years 3,4,5 & 6 took part in an extremely valuable and potentially life-saving workshop on how to stay safe around electricity.

Safety advisors from UK Power Networks, which distributes electricity across the South East, visited Prep to highlight the importance of the power network and the dangers of high voltage electricity. Ros Forbes, the safety advisor who visited Old Palace, said:

Our safety sessions open children’s eyes to the wonders of electricity, while alerting them to the potential hazards to help them stay safe round electricity throughout their lives. We discuss why electricity is so important and how it gets to our schools and homes through overhead and underground cables. We talk about the risks that come with electricity and the kind of hazards they might encounter during recreational activities.

We also show children how to identify our equipment, discuss what the yellow Danger of Death sign means and why they should ring us on 105 if they ever spot a hazard on the electricity network, such a power line brought down in a storm. We also get them to make an electrical circuit to show how electricity works and we take along our safety clothing, to try on and talk about the different jobs in the industry, which might interest them in the future.”

Thank you so much, UK Power Network, for these really interesting workshops.