Year 13 Students Extol the Virtues of Studying MFL at A Level

As we leave Old Palace for our A Levels, the Year 13 MFL students wanted to share some of their experiences of the languages they have studied at A Level for the last two years, as well as encouraging you all to consider taking a language at A Level.

Studying a language is a unique skill that cannot be obtained in any other subject, and the skills that you will learn at A Level enable you to go above and beyond a basic level in all four elements of the languages (listening, reading, writing and speaking). Topics that are covered in the A Level syllabus include racism, immigration and traditions – for example, in Spanish, we have learnt about political issues in Latin American countries, which has been amazing to broaden our knowledge and understanding of the culture of the language. We also study two pieces of writing in our chosen language – whether it be a book, a play or a film. These are similar to pieces you may study in English, with the added challenge of translation!

“I got into Spanish because of Spanish music and for me Spanish has allowed me to indulge in the wonderful Hispanic culture, not just the culture of Spain, but of Latin America as well. Doing a language at A Level has been amazing. It’s an escape from the other more content heavy subjects I take.” – Anushka 13L

Studying languages allows you to converse with people from all over the world and (they) are by far the most satisfying subjects. They give you an insight into different cultures and at A-level you discuss prevalent social and political issues in the countries where they are spoken. Initially, I was nervous about studying both Spanish and Italian in the Sixth Form, but it was by far the best decision I have ever made and it has inspired me to continue them at university!” – Olivia L

I never thought that in studying Spanish A Level, I would ever consider doing it as a degree. But, once we started to read plays and study films, I realised this was something I wanted to pursue even further. Now I can proudly say that I will be studying Spanish and Communications at university.” – Varsha

I was drawn to A Level Spanish because of Spanish and Latin American culture. This subject has provided me with the opportunity to learn a language I love and to expand my horizons.”- Alicia

Studying languages has broadened not only my knowledge of grammar but has also deepened my understanding of culture, history and politics within Europe. It has also cultivated a deep love and respect for societal values and traditions which was not as strong before. I am excited to continue with German at university as it will allow me to explore some niche pieces of literature from various time periods.” – Fiona

We would all like to thank the amazing MFL department for helping us to become the linguists we are today. A huge thank you to Ms Pietragalla, Miss Trompetas, Madame Poirier, Mr Le Berre, Mr Talleux and Mrs Finotti and all of the language speaking assistants. Rajan 13L