‘Wicked’ Casts a Spell!

The production of ‘Wicked’ cast an unforgettable spell over our Year 10 & 11 students last week.

In a captivating blend of magic, music, and mystique, Year 10 and 11 students embarked on an enchanting journey to witness the spellbinding production of “Wicked” on the West End stage. Wicked’s Defying Gravity being a GCSE music set work meant that students already had a connection to the production, which promised an enjoyable experience for all!

Guided by the school’s commitment to fostering artistic appreciation and cultural immersion, the theatre trip provided students with an opportunity to delve into the world of Broadway and witness the magic of live performance. Throughout the performance, themes of friendship, acceptance, and the complexities of good and evil resonated deeply with the students, sparking introspective discussions and heartfelt reflections. The awe-inspiring choreography, breathtaking set design, and powerhouse vocal performances left a great impression on students, giving them a professional example of how the piece they’re studying looks when it comes to life.

Following the final bow and thunderous applause, students showed their appreciation by giving a standing ovation. On the train home, many students shared favourite moments and dissected plot twists. We wish our GCSE Music students the best in the lead up to their exam and hope that this experience will be a fond memory for years to come!