Year 10 & 12 Trip to see Hamilton

The Hamilton trip for Year 12 Politics students, and Year 10 History students was a wild success. Act one focused on the war of independence, and the battle tactics used by the American army, relating to the migration topic studied by Year 10 students where they study this.

Act two focused on the aftermath of the war, with the creation of the new American government and its economic system created and promoted by Alexander Hamilton (the star of the show), consolidating Year 12’s understanding of the constitution for their exams.

The music and visuals were entrancing and drew everybody in, teaching them in a method different from in the classroom. This trip has created widespread love for the subjects and was very effective at making the students understand their topic at a deeper level that will stick with them through their exams and for the rest of their lives.

Here was some feedback from students and staff:

It was a thrilling performance’ – Year 12 student

The cast was excellent’ – Year 10 student.

Eliza and King George III were my favourite characters!’ – Year 10 student.

‘The cast had very strong singers’ – Mr Griffith