Year 10 Sports Leaders Host QuickSticks Tournament

On Friday 28th January, the Year 10 sports leaders helped host and run the QuickSticks Hockey Tournament.

It was great having Old Palace’s Year 10 Sports Leaders present on the day of our hockey tournament last week. It was a real learning experience for them and hopefully they all got something out of helping run the event. Some of the girls took on the role of refereeing matches, other were touchline judges, with the rest playing vital roles in score keeping. Overall they did a fabulous job and without their help, the competition would not have been possible. Thank you to Mrs Smith for her willingness to let us come and use Old Palace’s facilities and for being such a welcoming host. Croydon SSP’.

We all had different jobs to help the afternoon run smoothly. We had the roles of being umpires, timekeepers, or score keepers. It was a challenging but enjoyable afternoon and it helped us all realise the amount of work it takes to run a tournament.

Thank you to Mrs Smith and all the other adults and coaches from the CSSP who were always there to help and support the sports leaders.

Lily, Year 10