Year 2 Celebrates Chinese New Year

Year 2: Chinese New Year

In Music lessons this term, Year 2 pupils have been learning about Chinese New Year which falls next Tuesday, 1st February. 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, known to be king of all beasts in China.  Year 2 discovered that they were all born in either the Year of the Horse or the Year of the Goat and we have been talking about the characteristics and story of the Chinese New Year animals.  Elena found out that each animal is also associated with a lucky colour (Horse – Yellow, Goat – Bright Pink) and lucky pattern (Horse – Star, Goat – Polka dots).

Alice brought in some information and decorations to share with the class, which included a fabulous dragon made by her sister Abigail in Pre School.  Victoria sent in a video of a Dragon toy her brother has at home and we talked about the significance of the dragon and the type of musical instruments used to create the music.

Year 2 have also been creating their own Chinese music using the Pentatonic Scale on xylophones.

Gong hei fat choy to all those celebrating!

All the girls at Prep have been learning a special ‘Chinese New Year’ song which is sung to the tune of ‘Frere Jacques’.  Year 2 can sing it in four parts which is very impressive!  The song talks about the traditional Chinese colours of red and gold, drums, dragons, dancing, lanterns and it being a time for families and friends to get together.