Year 2 Visit Morden Hall Park

To support our learning in the Cornerstones topics, ‘The Scented Garden’ and ‘Splendid Skies,’ Years 1 and 2 enjoyed an exciting day at the National Trust Site, Morden Hall Park. After a fantastic two-hour workshop where the girls explored different habitats for wild plants, we enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine.

We all learned some new plant names, such as plantain and oxeye daisies, and even sang and danced around a mulberry tree. Upon entering the garden centre, we were approached by the manager, who commented on how well-behaved and smart the classes were. He proceeded to tell us about ways we could be more sustainable, such as being careful not to pick too many wildflowers and ensuring that we buy peat-free soil. We were all surprised and delighted when the manager offered to donate a plant of our choice!