Year 2 Visits Wilhelmina House  

Year 2 Visits Wilhelmina House

Year 2 were invited by the residents of Wilhelmina House to attend a Teddy Bears’ Picnic.  This event was to have celebrated national ‘Hug a Bear Day’ which is observed every year on the 7th November. However, the visit had to be postponed so Year 2 went the following week instead. Visiting the care home was a lovely opportunity for the girls to connect with older members of our community and enjoy one or two stories about the past.


Mrs Wellington says: “I was absolutely delighted with how the girls interacted so politely and sensibly with the residents.  There were huge smiles all round as the residents were introduced to the teddies and the girls asked them about their school days (one resident had two daughters who went to Old Palace). They enthusiastically performed a collection of songs and poems, including Mary’s song by Charles Causley and then, much to their delight, the residents also sang them some songs, including ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’.

Aiyana:  The people were very kind and sang lovely songs for us.

Lyla: One of the residents told me that her daughter went to Old Palace too.  A long time ago the uniform was brown not green.

Sienna:  I really enjoyed the picnic.  There were lots of yummy chocolate cakes with cherries on the top.  It was very kind of them. 

Katherine:  I enjoyed looking at the World War II to artefacts.  There was a case of medals and a helmet which was really heavy.