Year 5 Residential Trip to Frylands

On Monday, Year 5 went on a memorable two-day residential trip to Frylands Outdoor Activity Centre. Our first activity was the photo challenge. We were given pictures of different objects dotted around the grounds; we went on a hunt to try and find them and plotted their position on the site map.

After lunch, our two groups enjoyed Archery and Rock Climbing. In Archery, we were briefed on the important messages about using a bow and arrow and the correct technique. We attempted to shoot at the target and our results were positive. After that, we played a game called ‘Make a Pizza’ and tried to hit various colours with our four arrows to complete it: red for the tomato base; yellow for the cheese; blue for a topping of our choice and white for the pizza base. If you hit black, your pizza burnt!

In rock climbing, we were attached to a harness and our goal was to climb to the top and hit the buzzers before floating back down. Each coloured rope had a difficulty level but no matter which rope we climbed, it was a very good challenge and everyone enjoyed the experience. Then we visited the tuck shop. There was a lot of choice to buy with our budget of £5! We enjoyed a glorious dinner of fish and chips before the entertainment section, where a few people performed dances and plays and songs. It was a real treat!

Before bed, we looked for wild rabbits and it didn’t take long before we spotted some. We finished off the day by roasting marshmallows and sandwiching them between some biscuits to enjoy with a mug of milk or hot chocolate. In the morning, after a tasty breakfast, one group went on the assault course while the other went grass sledging. There were many sections in the assault course such as Monkey bars, a small rope laser experience and a tunnel slide. In grass sledging we raced each other down a grassy bank and saw who could go the furthest. We also rolled down the hill without sledges which made us quite dizzy. We made and cooked our own pizzas in the pizza oven in the woods. They were delicious!

Back at school, we had half an hour in the air-conditioned library, listening to our class reader and…sleeping! It was a fantastic couple of days. Holly 5J