Year 6: Anderson Shelter Experiment

Year 6 had great fun designing, building and testing models of Anderson shelters that were used during World War II.
The girls did a lot of research prior to building their models and learnt that they were first designed in 1938 to protect people from the persistent bombing during an air raid. On average, they would fit up to six people and over three million Anderson shelters were put up all over Britain. In fact, two of the Year 6 girls have a genuine Anderson shelter in their garden! Did you also know that they were free to families who earned less than £250 a year?
Year 6 had the task of building a model that would house a Lego figure, withstand a weight of 1kg and keep the Lego figure dry when 500ml of water is poured over it.
“I was terrified and worried that my shelter would crush under the 1kg weight!” said Elise, “But it did not because the cardboard I had used was strong.” 
In the end, every model fulfilled at least two of the requirements and are still standing which is a great success.